29 November, 2007

Just who owns your debt

...and where is your credit invested? you might want to check.

In other words another finance company just went belly up. That is ninth this year (the 13th since April 2006) in just one small country and we still have a month to go.

This doesn't make pretty reading.

28 November, 2007

The silent treatment

I've been quiet for about 3 weeks.
My secretary has been ignoring me and muttering something about physiotherapist's orders and something called AGM season and not spending her limited computer time on my work. I have been refusing to speak to her as a result.

I can't stand it anymore, I must speak out.

Now of course I can't remember what I was going to say.

Was is about that poorly thought out electoral spending law?
I haven't managed to get may head around how they are going to enforce that and if anyone else has they are keeping quite about it. My current opinion is it is going to fly as well as the Exclusive Brethren without an aircraft. Which probably explains why National doesn't like it.

Then there is how both National and Labour are taking some of the credit for the Australian Labour Party sending John Howard and co packing big time in the Ozzie elections last Saturday.
Apparently that election was won on policies long familiar to both National and Labour voters this side of the Tasman.

mmm ... both labour red and national blue huh? Will that make our next government purple?

Hang on don't I always write in purple?

1+1=... my secretary threatening to deflate my swelled head.


08 November, 2007

Don't forget to make time to....

if only at the idiots who take live far too seriously.

05 November, 2007

Fireworks - my big bang theory

Are modern fireworks a whole lot noisier than they used to be or are we just getting old?

A lot just seem to be too big for back yards.
What is the point of buying them and letting them off if your neighbours and those 2 streets away get a better view?

Or is just my neighbours taking things to an extreme?

On Saturday night he with the really old bull dog put a match too what seemed to be several hundred dollars worth in his back yard, mostly simultaneously. We were close to 100 metres away and got a really good view - and earful.

Now I am no scaredy cat. I normally sit out with the family and watch a $20 bag being let off. I am a big fan of those pretty quieter ones. Low flying Hercules and Orions? not a problem! Artillery and mortar fire from the range directly across the harbour don't even make me blink.

This neighbour's efforts had even me inside and under the table while yellow bellied Min hid under an armchair. Half deaf old Smudge decided retreat was in order with plenty of hissing and she is no scaredy cat either.
The family brought my rabbit friends inside and they all cowered under hay in their open carriers instead of following me around like they normally do when inside.

After that the kids here haven't even asked if we will be letting some off, they have lost all interest.

Now for my big bang theory.

The bigger the bangs the bigger the bans.

First it was tomthumbs, and doublehappys then sky rockets that were banned.
After last year it was individual packets of seemingly innocent sparklers and the sale time was shortened from the usual 10 days down to just 3 and the age restriction raised to 18 with a warning that bad behavior would lead to a total ban on private sales.

It looks like the PM is serious about that.

Enjoy your Guy Fawkes night tonight. It may be the last with crackers.

02 November, 2007

Cabinet reshuffle. Such fanfare and so little drama.

Helen Clark has with great fanfare shuffled her cabinet.
If you want to have a look http://www.beehive.govt.nz/Documents/Files/Ministerial%20List.DOC but if you were expecting any great changes don't bother.

She has only shuffled the hand she was holding rather than the full pack of Labour M.Ps. A few of new cards have been picked from the deck and naughty Trevor Mallard got a wet bus ticket demotion but that is all.

Still I suppose it can't be helped. Most of the good new blood is on the opposition benches which is where it is becoming more likely that Labour will end up after the next election. I don't think one Shane Jones, a Steve Chadwick, plus a Maryan Street and a Darren Hughes will be able to save them. A pity more of the old hands didn't do a Mark Burton and choose to depart gracefully.