19 June, 2009

Resession beating tips

OK, I want to expand some of the ideas here:http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10579265

Just a couple of things that need to be expanded on.

28. Put all items on your credit card and get rewards points.
Do this ONLY if you can pay the card off every month without fail and try to keep a money back stop so you can switch back to using cash if you start to struggle.

15. Save on electricity – use extra blankets.
And/or hotties, or bed socks, an obliging cat can be of help here too. A length of polar fleece makes a good lightweight blanket, check out shops like Ike's Emporium for cheap fabric. Sometimes a couple of metres of 150cm polar fleece can be bought for only $20-$30. It doesn't fray.

20. Stay warm.
Warm places that cost you nix are malls (leave the money at home) and libraries.

32. Stop buying Lotto tickets.
Seriously $6/week = $312/year. When was the last time you won that much on lotto?
If you want a flutter by a ticket or two in one draw a month. Two tickets in the same drawn is better odds that one ticket in two draws.
Don't bother buying power ball. The odds of winning any prize are the same as a normal ticket and the odds of winning a power ball prize are 8 times poorer. The odds of winning a prize in a big prize draw or jackpot are not better than normal either.

21. Carpool or bus.
Do the sums on this one. If you are going to carpool you will save money so long as you or your passengers chip in a share of the petrol money.
If you are going to sell/get rid of the car yes, this will save money.
Travelling by bus won't necessarily save money if you keep the car so compare only the running costs. If you are paying for parking going by bus is cheaper otherwise possibly not. Consider driving part way then getting on a bus for the last stage to save money on parking in the city.

26. Repair your clothes instead of buying new ones.
You don't even need a sewing machine although it is quicker if you have one and know how to use it. Even getting a broken zip replaced professionally can be cheaper than a new pair of trousers. A stitch in time still saves nine so don't procrastinate over sewing jobs and do them before washing the item.

Some tips of my own
If you have to pay separately for rubbish collection like we do here, reduce what you throw out with the weekly rubbish. Remember you can put some rubbish on the fire. Put that polystyrene packing under the house for the inorganic collection.

Compost heaps are free, you don't need a bin to contain it if you don't mind the site of a heap and the cat will take care of any rats (yum :P).
Cheaper than buying $5 bags of compost to grow veggies in.

Keep an eye on those op shops.
Not just for clothing either. All sort from things from jigsaw puzzles to old pots and knitting needles and patterns and plants can be got for less than $5. Sometimes less that $1. The ancient pressure cooker we have was bought for $2 and cooks a packet of kidney beans in 45 minutes. Much cheaper than tinned beans. Great for soup as well.
Just chuck the bones in my direction for serious licking when you are done.

03 June, 2009

I am being lazy

That is why I have been silent for over a fortnight.

Nice work when you can get it.

Half the family, the two legged females, took off for a weekend involving back packs, sleeping bags, raincoats, food and three bottles of kerosene to somewhere without power, fire place, or running water reachable only by a boat plus hiking.

They came back towing an empty gas bottle on a handcart and muttering about not enough kerosene. It seems that both the kerosene for the heater and the gas ran out at the same time so no hot water bottle or hot water and they forgot to pack the coffee.

A whole weekend without coffee.

Thank goodness the one of the neighbouring baches had some to share.

I had to spend the whole weekend cooped up with a posse of 8 year old boys so I don't know what those wussy two legged females were complaining about.

Next time take me and tell DOC I am rodent eradication. Far more eco friendly than whatever they had to disconnect the water tanks and close the islands to drop.