11 June, 2010

Culture clash in action

Police have advised Asians, those from Southern Asia in particular, to not display national flags, lights and decorations on their properties and basically anything that marks them as being ...well... from Asia.

This is due to a continuing spate of burglaries where large amounts of cash and jewelery are stolen.

The Asian community are finding this advice odd.

Let me 'clue you up' if you are of the same opinion.

In several Asian cultures keeping large amounts of money, valuables and expensive, often heirloom, jewelery at home close at hand is normal.

My culture doesn't.

Even if there is a safe our valuables are often not on site but in a bank or very well hidden in an unlikely place. Like the middle of the flour bin in the kitchen.

I know this and so do the burglars.

So whose home is going to be burgled mine with the New Zealand flag being used as a curtain or the one next door with an Indian Flag and pretty lights on during Diwali?

If you keep large amounts of portable easily sold valuables at home - don't advertise and don't keep them in the master bedroom.

And if you come home to discover that the thieves have sifted the flour - congratulations. The would be thieves still think you are worth robbing - and Pakeha.

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