04 February, 2010

Time to cover the books

Yes, the new school year has begun and the new year's stationery has been purchased.

I am not complaining about the cost. $21 for a pile of exercise books to last a year plus pens, pencils, ruler etc is a bargain.

My problem is the covering.

If you're not careful the cover-seal/ contact/ duraseal to cover 3 books can cost more than the books.

Easy to see why the pretty printed stuff is off budget here.

By the way a 1 metre roll covers 3 1B5 books or similar and produces 12 sticky triangles and 6 sticky slivers. More than enough to make life annoying for the average unwary cat. Don't ask me how I know this and please don't tell Bobby, he hasn't figured this out yet and I am looking forward to watching when he does.

The kids here have come up with ingenious solutions to individualise their school books.

As many parents and children have found out in the past. Gossip magazines (those aimed at women) are a poor source of pictures if you have no interest in so called celebrates.

The adverts in them are a better source of pictures. As are old calenders, special interest magazines, old birthday cards, junk mail, travel agent catalogues and new or recycled wrapping paper. Some of those book clearance shops even sell out of date calendars at 5 or 10c for the purpose.

Eldest kid's Pet Magazine subscription with just 4 issues a year produces a wealth of pretty animal pictures.

The other trick they use is to print out digital photos on plain paper.

My image stares out on the cover of a number of books as do the pictures of the other household pets both past and present.

I notice even Jet Boy (Mr Biscuit's brother, and Inky's son) who was put down after breaking his back in 2007 has pride of place on Youngest's maths book.

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